Flame Retardant Pilot Lamps Casing

Why Scrimping on Pilot Lamps Can Cost you More than You ever think of .. Watch this 5 Minutes Video Presentation why Choosing the Right Pilot Lamp can save you Thousands or even the Life of your employee.   Since the Cost of Electrical Accessories is not a major cost component, many Electrical Switchboard Manufacturer or… Read More »

Major Updates to Trias Site

Please Bear with us as TriasIndraSaputra.com is undergoing major changes. Recent Updates on our Sites: About Us: Updated with our latest Company Profile Videos. – March 2014 Testimonial: Updated with Testimonial Videos from our esteemed Customers. – March 2014 References: Updated with Recommendations from our esteemed Customers – March 2014. Our Customers: Updated with Customers… Read More »