Projects 2013

NoProject NameScope of Works
1HuaweiCable Ladder System
2TelkomselCable Ladder System
3Alam LestariCable Ladder System
4PertaminaCable Tray System
5Pelindo 2Electrical Switchboard System
6Amarta MustikaCable Ladder System
7Pertamina BabelanCable Ladder System
8KPC SangattaStrut Systen
9Anugrah MakmurStrut Systen
10Arena BarisStrut Systen
11Control Room Modification Job Pertamina Talisman Jambi MerangElectrical Switchboard System
12HuaweiCable Ladder System
13EnduroCable Ladder System
14SchneiderStrut Systen
15IPS PlantitionElectrical Switchboard System
16Hook Up ServiceCable Tray System
17BPLNG TangguhCable Tray System
18World Class UIElectrical Switchboard System
19SundialCable Tray System
20Quick Silver XICable Tray System
21Ciputra WorldElectrical Switchboard System
22TAMCable Ladder System
23Data CenterCable Ladder System
24TelkomselCable Ladder System
25HondaCable Tray System
26HolcimCable Tray System
27Adma OPCOCable Ladder System
28conoco PhillipStrut Systen
29PertaminaStrut Systen
30FSRU-LampungCable Tray System
31PowooCable Tray System
32Intec MasCable Tray System
33Ace EmtechCable Ladder System
34SamjinCable Ladder System
35DNB NetworkCable Tray System
36DinamikaCable Ladder System
37HPM KerawangCable Tray System
38Ciputra WorldCable Ladder System
39Pulau Laut ShellCable Ladder System
40Ezra Berkat AnugrahCable Ladder System
41XLCable Ladder System
42IndosatCable Ladder System
43Fajar PaperCable Ladder System
44Djarum KudusStrut Systen
45FlexlinkStrut Systen
46Seamless CilegonCable Ladder System
47Suizer Turbo Service IndonesiaElectrical Switchboard System
48BiofarmaCable Tray System
49KajimaCable Tray System
50Sord BlastingCable Tray System
51Charm DustCable Tray System
52Aica Indonesia ServiceCable Tray System
53KawasakiCable Ladder System
54KAOIBCable Tray System
55Gita PerdanaCable Tray System
56PetronasCable Tray System
57UPH School of MedicineElectrical Switchboard System
58GunadarmaCable Ladder System
59DPRD RiauElectrical Switchboard System
60PoscoCable Ladder System
61Hasakona Bina CiptaStrut Systen
62Motor Test DenahCable Ladder System
63ChevronCable Tray System
64Indofood Sukses MakmurCable Ladder System
65Peciko 7Strut Systen
66STINKULCable Ladder System
67AdaroCable Tray System
68DonggiCable Tray System
69IndoramaCable Ladder System
70ChevronCable Tray System
71SuplitamaCable Ladder System
72SPBG CililitanCable Ladder System
73SPBG PulogadungElectrical Switchboard System
74Spice HoterCable Ladder System
75PatuhaCable Ladder System
76KabelindoCable Tray System
77Pupuk KaltimCable Ladder System
78Mane IndonesiaElectrical Switchboard System
79Indonesia StockpileCable Ladder System
80Kita Maju NiagaCable Ladder System
81RapindoCable Ladder System
82KAOIBCable Ladder System
83IB KooCable Ladder System
84Badak NGLCable Ladder System
85Demo KitCable Ladder System
86DSS ProjectCable Ladder System
87Lestari Kagungan MandiriStrut Systen
88Kaltim Nitrat IndoCable Tray System
89Amerada HessStrut Systen
90Unilever IndonesiaCable Tray System
91Matahari AlkaStrut Systen
92BakanCable Ladder System
93NakanishiStrut Systen
94Karendon GasElectrical Switchboard System
95HandilElectrical Switchboard System
96MeindoElectrical Switchboard System
97Tunu Phase 13Cable Tray System
98BalonganCable Tray System
99SalamanderElectrical Switchboard System
100ChevronStrut Systen
101ChevronCable Ladder System
102Vico BalikpapanCable Ladder System
103MGCCable Tray System
104Multi Electrika BersamaCable Ladder System
105Multi Guna Trans EnergiCable Ladder System
106DermagaCable Ladder System
107Vale Malaysia MineralStrut Systen
108Banyu UripCable Ladder System
109FreeportCable Ladder System
110Banyu UripStrut Systen
111Dover ChemCable Tray System
112Pertamina BabelanCable Tray System
113NOEICable Tray System
114Niaga AbadiStrut Systen
115KPC SangattaStrut Systen
116NHMCable Ladder System
117GosowongCable Tray System
118FreeportCable Ladder System
119Kedutaan AustraliaCable Tray System
120NestleCable Ladder System
121Tambak LonokCable Tray System
122PanarubCable Tray System
123Pabrik GondorulamCable Ladder System
124PertaminaCable Tray System
125Pepsi colaCable Tray System
126Permata BankCable Ladder System
127ABN WorkshopElectrical Switchboard System
128TelkomselCable Ladder System
129LCP MerakCable Tray System
130AMDKOCable Tray System
131ProCar International financeStrut Systen
132Semen PadangElectrical Switchboard System
133KPC MelawanCable Ladder System
134LookmanStrut Systen
135SCG Expand FactoryElectrical Switchboard System
136AdaroCable Ladder System
137SiemensCable Tray System
138Sinar Mas World AcademyElectrical Switchboard System
139Sinar SosroElectrical Switchboard System
140SMI FactoryCable Tray System
141Storage TankElectrical Switchboard System
142Pupuk SriwijayaCable Ladder System
143WTC II ProjectCable Ladder System
144SinarmasCable Ladder System
145Rumah Sakit KalimantanStrut Systen
146PhillipStrut Systen
147RS SiloamStrut Systen
148Pacinesia BitungCable Ladder System
149Sutanto Arif ChandraCable Ladder System
150TamcoStrut Systen
151EPC2Cable Tray System
152Technicum RayaStrut Systen
153ThyssenKrupp Polysius IndonesiaStrut Systen
154PBI BDECable Ladder System
155Chandra AsriCable Ladder System
156OvergasCable Tray System
157TrikaryaCable Ladder System
158Banyu UripCable Ladder System
159NewmontCable Ladder System
160INCOCable Ladder System
161conoco PhillipCable Ladder System
162WifgasindoStrut Systen
163Reskrasi CilacapCable Ladder System
164Tangki UI CilacapCable Ladder System
165Restorasi Cilacap UICable Tray System
166SubanCable Tray System
167Wisma NusantaraElectrical Switchboard System

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