2009 Project List

No Project Name Scope of Works
1 Telkomsel Cable Ladder System
2 NTS  Cable Ladder System
3 Schneider  Cable Ladder System
4 Ericson  Electrical Switchboard & Cable Tray System
5 Huawei  Electrical Switchboard System 
6 Axis  Electrical Switchboard System 
7 Arutmin   Strut System
8 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
9 Petrocina  Cable Tray System
10 Esia  Cable Ladder System
11 Bendungan Leuweng Seureh Karawang  Electrical Switchboard System 
12 Movable Bridge  Electrical Switchboard System 
13 Komering  Electrical Switchboard System 
14 Asia Tirta Perdana  Electrical Switchboard System 
15 Asia Tirta Perdana  Electrical Switchboard System 
16 BP Berau  Cable Tray System
17 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
18 NTS-Huawei  Cable Ladder System
19 Grand Tarakan Makro  Cable Ladder System
20 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
21 Flexy  Cable Ladder System
22 Blue Scope Cilegon  Electrical Switchboard System 
23 Bangun Anugrah Hanjaya, PT. Cable Ladder System
24 Smart  Cable Ladder System
25 Berkat Megah Perkasa  Cable Ladder System
26 Pakan Ternak  Cable Tray System
27 XL  Cable Ladder System
28 PT Pos Indonesia Pasar Baru  Cable Tray System
29 Carakamas Inti Alam,PT  Cable Tray System
30 PUSRI  Electrical Switchboard System 
31 Central Jayatama Abadi, PT (Central,CV)  Strut System
32 ADR  Cable Tray System
33 XL Surabaya  Cable Tray System
34 NTS Ericson Indonesia  Cable Ladder System
35 Arutmin   Cable Ladder System
36 Indofood  Cable Tray System
37 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
38 Smart  Cable Ladder System
39 Esia  Cable Ladder System
40 Bukopin  Cable Tray System
41 AGT DATA  Cable Tray System
42 Huawei  Cable Ladder System
43 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
44 Smart  Cable Ladder System
45 Sanwa  Electrical Switchboard System 
46 PLTU Indramayu  Cable Ladder System
47 DCTU  Electrical Switchboard System 
48 Dalindo Sumberabadi  PT  Cable Ladder System
49 XL Cable Ladder System
50 Smart  Cable Ladder System
51 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
52 Pabrik Kertas  Cable Ladder System
53 Ecom (U.D Elite)  Cable Tray System
54 Elincom Sukses Abadi,CV  Cable Ladder System
55 XL  Cable Ladder System
56 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
57 ROP Cable Ladder System
58 Fosta Unggul Perdana, PT.  Cable Ladder System
59 Yamaha Music  Electrical Switchboard System 
60 PEI-YIMM  Electrical Switchboard System 
61 Parker Engineering  Electrical Switchboard System 
62 Sulzer  Electrical Switchboard System 
63 KRM  Electrical Switchboard & Cable Tray System
64 Gajah Mas Tehnik  Strut System
65 Badak NGL  Cable Ladder System
66 Gelar Tosan Jaya,CV  Cable Tray System
67 Bio Farma  Cable Tray System
68 Gihon Telekomunikasi Indonesia, PT.  Cable Ladder System
69 Gikoko  Cable Tray System
70 TI Support 3G Nokia  Cable Ladder System
71 Harysekawan Abadi, PT  Cable Tray System
72 Hidup Baru Perdana Abadi  Strut System
73 Marine  Strut System
74 Halliburton  Electrical Switchboard System 
75 Indah Kiat Serang  Cable Ladder System
76 Indo Bharat  Cable Tray System
77 Coca Cola Bali  Cable Tray System
78 Coca Cola Bandung  Cable Ladder System
79 Indocement  Cable Ladder System
80 Indofood  Cable Tray System
81 Total E&P Indonesia  Cable Tray System
82 BP West Java Cable Ladder System
83 Tunu 12  Cable Tray System
84 IBT Fuel Terminal Cable Ladder System
85 Indofarma  Electrical Switchboard System 
86 Rembang  Strut System
87 IMS  Cable Tray System
88 INCO  Cable Ladder System
89 Nokia  Cable Ladder System
90 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
91 Esia  Cable Ladder System
92 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
93 Telkomsel  Cable Tray System
94 Kaltim Parna  Cable Tray System
95 KF-ISM Instrument  Cable Ladder System
96 APD Serica  Cable Tray System
97 Natco  Cable Ladder System
98 Asahimas Cable Ladder System
99 Krakatau Engineering – Balongan  Electrical Switchboard & Cable Tray System
100 UBC Kalimantan  Electrical Switchboard System 
101 PLN Muara Karang  Cable Tray System
102 Tanjung Jati  Cable Ladder System
103 Limas Karya Utama (Metrikal Karya Utama,CV)   Cable Ladder System
104 Pabrik Gas  Cable Ladder System
105 Astra Daihatsu  Cable Ladder System
106 Tunu II EPSC 13  Electrical Switchboard System 
107 Total E&P  Electrical Switchboard System 
108 BCD Ph 4  Electrical Switchboard System 
109 Peciko 7-EPSC 1 Proejct Cable Ladder System
110 PLTU Muara Karang  Cable Ladder System
111 Mulia Glass  Cable Tray System
112 OGIP  Strut System
113 Bom Kambuna D  Electrical Switchboard  & Cable Tray System
114 CCR & MCC Glagah Kambuna  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
115 Star Energy  Strut System
116 PLN  Cable Tray System
117 Indobara  Cable Ladder System
118 Esia  Cable Ladder System
119 Smart  Cable Ladder System
120 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
121 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
122 Tabang Cable Ladder System
123 Kaltim Prima Coal  Cable Ladder System
124 Freeport  Cable Tray System
125 Sangatta  Cable Tray System
126 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
127 Villa Bali Selatan  Cable Ladder System
128 PLTU Tarahan  Cable Ladder System
129 Lampung  Electrical Switchboard System 
130 Mayapada Hospital  Electrical Switchboard System 
131 RS Husada Insani  Electrical Switchboard System 
132 RS. Cipto Mangun Kusumo  Electrical Switchboard System 
133 Permata Dunia Sukses Utama  Electrical Switchboard System 
134 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
135 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
136 Flexy  Cable Ladder System
137 XL   Cable Ladder System
138 Flexy  Cable Ladder System
139  HCPT,Felxy   Cable Ladder System
140 Esia  Cable Ladder System
141 Prasetya Mulya  Electrical Switchboard System 
142 Tanah Abang Blok A  Electrical Switchboard System 
143 Rembang Cable Ladder System
144 Yamaha  Cable Ladder System
145 Astra Toyota  Cable Ladder System
146 Pama Persada Nusantara Washing Plant  Strut System
147 Telkomsel  Cable Ladder System
148 IBM (Panin Bank)  Electrical Switchboard System 
149 Medco For PLC Load Shedding  Cable Tray System
150 Smart  Cable Ladder System
151 Construction of New Oil Terminal at Pulau Laut  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
152 Tunu Field Developmen Phase 11 EPSC 5  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
153 New Oil Terminal At Pulau Laut  Electrical Switchboard System 
154 Pulau Laut  Electrical Switchboard System 
155 Pusri  Electrical Switchboard System 
156 Krakatau Steel Cable Ladder System
157 Pertamina  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
158 XL  Cable Ladder System
159 Flexy  Cable Ladder System
160 XL  Cable Ladder System
161 Rusun Padang  Cable Tray System
162 Yamaha Karawang Cable Ladder System
163 Ryadi Artha Tjipta,PT  Electrical Switchboard System 
164 Sahabat Mitra Intrabuana,PT  Strut System
165 Plaza Indonesia  Cable Tray System
166 Pusri  Electrical Switchboard System 
167 Total E&P  Cable Ladder System
168 Bank Indonesia  Electrical Switchboard System 
169 sebuku  Cable Ladder System
170 XL  Cable Tray System
171 Indosat  Cable Ladder System
172 Jl. Tol Cut Mutia  Electrical Switchboard System 
173 Sosro  Cable Tray System
174 Jambayan  Cable Ladder System
175 South Pasific  Viscose, PT  Cable Tray System
176 NGCB Plant  Cable Tray System
177 PUSRI  Electrical Switchboard System 
178 PUSRI  Cable Ladder System
179 Bp. West Java  Cable Ladder System
180 PLTD Lombok  Cable Ladder System
181 PLTU Muara Karang  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
182 Oil Tanking Merak  Cable Ladder System
183 Salim Invomas  Cable Tray System
184 Bridgestone  Cable Tray System
185 Plaza Indonesia Extension  Cable Ladder System
186 Tanjung Enim  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
187 Tata Jabar  Electrical Switchboard System 
188 INCO  Strut System
189 DPRD  Electrical Switchboard System 
190 UIN Makassar  Electrical Switchboard System 
191 AUM  Cable Tray System
192 Slick Bar  Electrical Switchboard System 
193 Tabang  Electrical Switchboard System 
194 Melak Project  Electrical Switchboard System 
195 Tirta Elektric, PT (Bintang Tegar)  Electrical Switchboard System 
196 Transworld Solution,PT  Cable Tray System
197 Tri Polyta Indonesia, PT.  Electrical Switchboard System 
198 Jambi Merang  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
199 United Can Company Limited, PT  Electrical Switchboard &  Cable Tray System
200 Rusunawa Batam  Cable Tray System
201 Chevron  Cable Tray System
202 PLTU Cirebon  Strut System


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